Tuesday 5 May 2020

Joe Biden seems to be finished

Conrad Black thinks Joe Biden is 'cooked' and it is very hard to disagree. Apparently, "cooked" means "ruined" or "finished".

Lord Black is in top form in his latest article about the forthcoming US election.

'The real test of these matters is how the people vote, and the country saw Joe Biden come in fourth in Iowa and fifth in New Hampshire, and descend to 11 percent in that state’s Democratic primary. Generally, no candidate in either party is nominated who loses badly in New Hampshire.

'It did not require a resurrected Alexis de Tocqueville to observe that Biden’s sudden emergence from punch-drunk Palooka on the ropes to the anointed nominee in two weeks was not entirely spontaneous. In a formidable display of professionalism, the Democratic Party elders carried him to the finish line on March 3, knocking Michael Bloomberg, Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, and Elizabeth Warren out of the race and obtaining endorsements of Biden from three of them.

He thinks the investigation into the FBI side of what he calls 'the fraudulent Trump-Russian collusion outrage' will include decisions by President Obama when Vice-president Biden was in the room. Hunter Biden's activities in Ukraine and China will be used against his father. I wonder if Hunter Biden's activities in Romania will also hit the front pages. 

And then there is the accusation that the old man raped Tara Reade all those years ago.

Lisa Bloom

Trial lawyer fighting for victims of discrimination, harassment and abuse

Lisa Bloom, 't
rial lawyer fighting for victims of discrimination, harassment and abuse', will vote for a man she thinks is a rapist but many, including Lord Black and Tucker Carlson, think Joe won't stand in the end - or, as Americans say, run. 

I don't think he can be replaced unless he wants to be replaced and so I think he will be the candidate and will lose. 

Mario Cuomo's boy might have had a good chance but I think Donald Trump would probably beat him too. I think it's a zeitgeist thing. This is not the moment for the exhausted globalist left.


  1. so I think he will be the candidate and will lose.

    There are so many wildly unpredictable factors about this election.

    What state will the US economy be in come November? Nobody can even make a guess. Will there be a spectacular recovery? Will the lockdowns cause so much economic damage that the economy will be a smouldering ruin? Will there be a partial recovery and will that be enough to save Trump?

    We're also likely to see both candidates offering the voters free money on an unprecedented scale. After all apparently the US Government can create trillions of dollars out of thin air. That might have disastrous long-term consequences but voters don't care about long-term consequences. On the other hand they do like free money. That two trillion dollar stimulus package changed politics forever. The voters now know that the government could give them lots and lots of money if it wanted to. They want that money.

  2. In 2016 Democrats said to themselves, "I would never vote for Trump and none of my friends would vote for him. Therefore he can't win."

    It seems to me that today many of the Right are saying to themselves, "I would never vote for Biden and none of my friends would vote for him. Therefore he can't win."

    Trying to portray Biden as sexually immoral is not going to work. That's a card that Trump simply cannot play because it can so easily be turned back on him.

    And I don't think voters care very much about such things. I don't think voters cared very much about Monica Lewinski and the blue dress. If Bill Clinton had been eligible to run in 2000 he would probably have won.

    1. President (how odd that still reads) Trump dealt with the rape allegations against Joe Biden rather brilliantly, in the judgement of Scott Adams. I agree with him. https://twitter.com/ScottAdamsSays/status/1256283376949977088

  3. He's doing pretty well for someone who's cooked.