Wednesday 27 May 2020

The “head of site integrity” at Twitter


Washington (CNN Business):
For the first time, Twitter called tweets from Donald Trump "potentially misleading" — a decision that prompted the president to accuse the social media platform of election meddling. 
On Tuesday, Twitter highlighted two of Trump's tweets that falsely claimed mail-in ballots would lead to widespread voter fraud, appending a message the company has introduced to combat misinformation and disputed or unverified claims.
"Get the facts about mail-in ballots," read the message beneath each tweet. It linked to a curated fact-check page the platform had created filled with further links and summaries of news articles debunking the assertion.
Reading the international press from 2016 onwards or listening to the BBC you would think raising questions about postal ballot voter fraud is wicked demagoguery on the part of Donald Trump, intended to 'suppress voting' by non-whites and other Democrats. In fact, voter fraud does happen with postal votes in the USA and the UK. It is a very big problem, as is the way Twitter deals with conservative opinions. 

Donald Trump is not just fighting the media, academia, Wall St and Hollywood, he is also fighting the social media. The left's weapon, whose effectiveness is proven, is to accuse the right of racism or sexism or other forms of discrimination. Instead of fighting this the right retaliates by accusing the left of those things too, which is not a good strategy.

Mr Roth is now being accused by someone on Twitter of sending racist tweets. And so it goes.

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