Saturday 9 May 2020

80% of Romanians reported to have died with Covid-19 may have died of something else


Horațiu Moldovan, 
Secretary of State (junior minister) in the Romanian Ministry of Health, said on Wednesday that the official Romanian balance of Covid-19 deaths [927 today] does not accurately reflect reality.

"Many deaths are reported [as deaths from Covid 19] of patients who die of another cause. We follow the deaths every day, punctually, case by case, and 80 percent are patients who have comorbidities, who would have died anyway, who have terminal cancer.... The phenomenon of death is a complex phenomenon from a medical point of view. It's a whole scientific discipline that deals with this thing, it's called thanatology. At the time of death or, please, at the onset of terminal suffering, the patient develops multiple complications. The patient becomes infected, loses his immunity and eventually, in a Covid epidemic gets Covid But he dies of terminal heart failure, he dies of cancer with advanced metastasis, he dies of cirrhosis of the liver, things which are associated with extreme old age, 90 or so, and so on."

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    The number of people who died in March 2020 was 298 lower than in March 2019 and 411 lower in February 2020 compared to February 2019.

    Institutul Național de Statistică
    Mișcarea naturală a populației
     11/05/2020 - 9:00am