Thursday 3 June 2021

The Decline of the West


11 Chinese universities teach Greek and Latin. Another 20 seek staff to so as well. Back in the US, the Princeton CLASSICS department has just eliminated the Latin or Greek requirement "to address systemic racism". Truly racist say I. Why not just end it ? Jobs await in 中国

"The past two decades of globalisation are only comprehensible if you understand the role China has played in the process and the deflationary shock that its entry into the world economy has created.

"China’s admission into the World Trade Organisation in 2001 can best be understood in the context of the West’s confidence that history was coming to an end after the fall of the Berlin Wall."
James Forsyth

"It is a minefield on virtually everything. If you are of a certain generation you are not sure what you can or what you can't say. Or whether you can make a joke about something you cannot make a joke, so I will leave it at that."
Tony Blair, interviewed on ITV's Good Morning Britain, May 11 2021

"John Profumo spent four decades living a life of shame-induced public service not because it “cut through” with voters but because he’d disgraced himself in the eyes of his peers.

"The norms of British public life stated that you didn’t lie and cheat, but once that norm was broken, it was impossible to put back together. Norms are far easier to destroy than to build."
Ed West

"It will not be possible to halt the spread of a new pandemic influenza virus, and it would be a waste of public health resources and capacity to attempt to do so.” 

This was the UK Government's policy in March 2020 for two or three days. I suspect it was the right one. Dominic Cummings was one of the first to embrace a lockdown, which shows he is a quick thinker and good at seeing what would happen.

Boris Johnson thought closing British borders, according to Mr Cummings, was 'racist', as did Politico, the WHO and others back in March 2000. Some still do.

"I feel uncomfortable with the widespread unpleasant language used to call for tighter borders. 'Leaky borders' not protecting 'our shores' from 'a flood' of 'foreign variants' brought by 'human bodies' and whatnot ... This all sounds ideologically dark to me."

That was tweeted by Francois Balloux, Professor of Computational Biology at University College London, on May 20 2021.

"...Vietnam is now among a few countries upending the global health community’s “almost religious belief that travel restrictions are bad,” said Lawrence Gostin, a Georgetown University global health law professor who helped write the international law governing how countries should deal with outbreaks."
Julia Belluz in Vox.

"We birthed a nation from nothing. I mean, there was nothing here. I mean, yes, we have Native Americans, but candidly, there isn't much Native American culture in American culture."

"Zemmour’s criminal convictions for racial and religious hate speech include a 2010 ruling after he said “most drug dealers are black and Arab” and in 2019 when he likened Muslims in France to “colonisers”. But that has not dented his prominent TV career on several channels and his books that top nonfiction bestsellers lists."
Guardian article

Spain's ruling Socialist party PSOE is submitting a draft law to Parliament, whereby if volunteers offer women information outside abortion centres, they could be jailed for up to one year.Spanish news item.

"It should be plain that we are, in both England and America, living through a revolution. This is not a normal revolution as these things are considered. Unlike in France or Russia, there has been no overthrow of an established order, no burst of state violence, no establishment after that of an overtly new order. There are no secret police. There are no labour camps. No one is beaten to death in a police cell. All the same, we are living through a revolution. It is a revolution that has involved the gradual capture of education, the media, the administration, the charities and the more permeable religious institutions, and the recent aligning of the larger or more glamorous business concerns. I see no point in discussing its ultimate objects. I am not sure if these are wholly agreed. But its provisional object is the destruction of our traditional identity, and of our liberty so far as this stands in the way of that provisional object."
Dr Sean Gabb of the Libertarian Alliance

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  1. The modern left—that is, the left that does not even have the excuse of having to really confront the traditional powers of the Ancien Régime, since most of these powers disappeared after the First World War—with its determination to define itself purely and simply as the “Party of Change” and of the entire ensemble of the “Forces for Progress”, was doomed to definitively enmesh the workers and the ordinary people in the historic trap. From this unfortunate but modern perspective, the sole possibility that remained to the term “socialism” was to become just another word for the development ad infinitum of big industry, and more generally, of the uncritical approval of the integral and unlimited modernization of the world: the globalization of exchange, the tyranny of the financial markets, deranged urbanism, constant revolution of communications technologies, etc. Thus, it is logical that the pathetic fear of appearing to be “behind the times” with respect to anything, a fear that stands out in the thinking of most left wing intellectuals, has ended up confirming the current unity of the radiant future of the cyberworld and its spiritual complement, the “liberal-libertarian” spirit that dominates the fallacious world of the spectacle and of the communications media.

    An era in which the most elementary trivialities are considered to be paradoxes is a very curious one. When, however, over the entire course of the 20th century, the historical ambitions of the left have been capable of being so easily utilized against the people, when progressivism presents itself as the simple idealized truth of capital, it is time to openly adopt a certain critical conservatism, which, today, represents one of the necessary pillars for any radical critique of supermodernity and the synthetic ways of life that it is attempting to impose upon us. This was Orwell’s message. It is our task to restore the philosophical dignity that corresponds to his idea of the tory anarchist.

    Jean-Claude Michéa