Saturday 19 June 2021

Prince William threw Prince Harry out

I have a kind heart and am very open-minded. 

I didn't spot that the Duchess of Sussex was a wrong' un from the outset, though most of my female Facebook friends did. But it pretty soon became obvious.

I am not a psychologist and cannot diagnose her as a malignant narcissist. 
As she is very litigious, nobody would be wise to do so.

She's not a psychopath, because they are charming. 

My question about whether she resembles Steerpike, the evil, power-hungry ex-scullion in Mervyn Peake's superb novels Titus Groan and Gormenghast, who attempts to take over and instead destroys an ancient monarchy, was merely a question. 

Questions, as Sir John Junor used to tell young journalists, cannot be libellous.

Now we learn that dear Prince William came to a similar conclusion about the Duchess. He decided that she had to go.

According a friend quoted in Robert Lacey's book being serialised in The Times, he chucked his brother out of their joint household to get rid of his wife. 

"For William, Knauf’s [bullying] allegations also clarified something that the prince had long believed — that Meghan was fundamentally hostile towards the royal system, which she failed to understand as an outsider. William wondered if she had not wanted to leave from the very start — even dreaming, perhaps, that she could whisk Harry back with her to North America.

"...."Meghan portrayed herself as the victim,” recalled one Kensington Palace staffer, “but she was the bully. People felt run over by her. They didn’t know how to handle this woman. They thought she was a complete narcissist and sociopath — basically unhinged. Which was why the pair of them were drawn to each other in the first place — both damaged goods.”

....William, for his part, felt just as strongly about Meghan and the need for her subversive “agenda” to be removed from the operations of the British monarchy...

When accounts of the rift started seeping out through the winter months that followed, it was generally assumed that the volatile Harry must have set the pace in the splitting up of the joint Kensington Palace household. He was the brother who visibly departed, stalking off to set up a new home in Windsor, with offices for himself and Meghan in Buckingham Palace.

But the reverse was the case. It was William who made the decisive move. Following his furious confrontation with his younger brother in the autumn of 2018, the prince instructed Simon Case to start the process of dividing their two households immediately. William wished to be separated from Meghan on a day-to-day basis — and that meant being separated from his brother as well.

“William,” says a friend, “threw Harry out.”


  1. Questions, as Sir John Junor used to tell young journalists, cannot be libellous.

    I'll have to remember that.

    You can expect all my future comments to be in the form of questions!