Monday 28 June 2021

Sleepy Joe


I missed these stories. Did you?

This month Joe Biden called Vladimir Putin “President Trump” and in March called his own Vice President “President Harris”. At the G7 in Cornwall he mixed up Syria and Libya, Covid and Covax, and jokingly reprimanded Boris Johnson for not introducing the President of South Africa when Boris had just done so seconds before.


  1. Now now my european friend... We do have the media askng about Bidens ice cream preferences. So, we have that going for us...

  2. It's slightly like Stalinism. The grief for the death of Mandela reminded me of the grief when Stalin died but the media has got much worse since then.

  3. I live in Europe and shall do all my life, God willing, I love Europe passionately but on a very pedantic point I am not European but English. Islands cannot be part of continents.

  4. Biden confuses Putin with Trump while reading from the teleprompter

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