Friday 14 January 2022

Droll. Acknowledgements Matt Williams


If Johnson is forced from power, it would be a political and personal failure unprecedented in modern British politics. Since ‘45, no other PM at this stage of the electoral cycle, having won such a majority, has suffered such a fall. It’s worse than Eden.

And Adam only picked a bit of fruit!


  1. Well, I am still a supporter of monarchy in principle, as if it mattered what I thought in post-revolutionary England. But the recent appointment (personally by the queen) of one Anthony Blair to the Order of the Garter, perhaps the noblest order of chivalry left in the world, suggests that the queen herself has more or less given up on the idea. I have tried to think of any equally ridiculous and incongruous thing, in Britain or the United States. It is a bit like appointing Fred Flintstone to the Supreme Court, or making Donald Trump a cardinal, only worse. But my imagination, normally reasonably good, has failed. I just cannot come up with anything which is both as sinister and as ridiculous. God save the queen. Nobody else will.

    Peter Hitchens

    1. The Garter is in her gift but she now doles them out to every PM eventually which is a great shame. They should get earldoms instead.