Monday 10 January 2022

Violent immigrants in Sweden

The New York Times three days ago: 
"More associated with Abba than with sharp-edged rap, Sweden has for at least six years been struggling with a tide of gang violence that has contributed to its shift from one of the safest countries in the world to among Europe’s most violent. Last year, there were at least 342 shootings resulting in 46 deaths (up from 25 shootings in 2015), along with dozens of bombings. ....In December, Dagens Nyheter, Sweden’s newspaper of record, published an analysis of everyone arrested or prosecuted for gun offenses since 2017. About 85 percent were people born abroad, or had at least one parent who was."

The New York Times along with the Washington Post is the leading US paper. it was once considered impartial but for years has been left-of-centre as has New York.  It's now the US equivalent of England's The Guardian. It's been very much in favour of mass immigration and taking in asylum seekers, so this article is a significant turning point. 

It's like the moment, a while back, when the BBC started to report violence by immigrants in Sweden, instead of making programmes asking why people worried about Sweden and being unable to answer the question.

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