Monday 3 January 2022

Would you want London to be overrun with Americans like me?


When Sir Alexander Korda went through the procedure of becoming a naturalised subject of King George VI he celebrated by taking his closest English friends to lunch at the Savoy and raising a toast

Down with all bloody foreigners!

That wouldn't be considered in quite good taste nowadays.

Lionel Shriver is an American novelist and gifted journalist who lives in England. She loves England, supported Brexit and does not understand why the English didn't mind the lockdowns. She votes Democrat by post. Even though she didn't like Hillary Clinton she voted for her. She voted for Joe Biden too and is very ashamed of him.

She wrote an article in the Spectator in August, just after the fall of Kabul, about Afghan and other migrants, called 

Would you want London to be overrun with Americans like me?

I quote from it:

In Britain, Migration Watch released two reports this summer whose key findings I will try to present as succinctly and neutrally as possible. In the past 20 years, foreign-born residents of the UK have doubled to nine million, going from 8 per cent to 14 per cent of the population. In tandem, the white British proportion of the population has fallen from 89 per cent to 79 per cent, while ethnic minorities have grown from 10 per cent to 21 per cent. Since 2001, 84 per cent of UK population growth has been due to immigrants and their children, rising to 90 per cent since 2017 — the majority non-EU.

More than a third of UK births now involve at least one foreign-born parent; in parts of London, 80 per cent of births are to foreign--born mothers. Indeed, non-UK nationals are disproportionately concentrated in British cities. The majorities of London, Slough, Leicester and Luton have an ethnic minority background. About half the births in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Cambridge are to foreign mothers.

Unsurprisingly, then, a third of British school children are already from ethnic minorities; in 20 years, ethnic-minority children will constitute more than half the students in state schools. As of 2018, 90 per cent of immigrants were under 45. That means the ethnic transformation of the UK, whose white population is far older, is destined rapidly to accelerate.

Even delivering those dry statistics feels dangerous.
Kenan Malik in the Guardian:
For Britain to remain Britain, it has to remain predominantly white. To say so, Shriver insists, is not racist. It is difficult, though, to know what else it could be.

Migration is the most important historical phenomenon of our times or of any time in Europe since the Turk was defeated outside the gates of Vienna in 1683. There is no reason, pace Mr Malik, why a country should not decide if she wants immigrants at all and, if so, from what countries she wants them to come.

In Belgium 52% of births are to native-born Belgian mothers.  France does not keep statistics but the figure there for children born to native born mothers is probably comparable, judging by the number of babies who are tested for sickle cell anaemia.

Personally, I love Romania with every atom of my being, but wish there were fewer Westerners here. I don't mind Turks or Hungarians, who are, after all, the former colonial powers. On the other hand, I rejoice that I do not live south of the border in Bulgaria, once more obscure than Romania but for fifteen years heavily colonised by the English.


  1. Well, at least most of them are white 😉

    1. Americans? Most are white but fewer each year, but what has colour to do with it? The question is whether the UK should continue to take in sizeable numbers of migrants and why.

    2. Every European country can ask the same question.

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