Saturday 22 January 2022


It is the left who are full of hatred and always were. Even racists (there are lots in Romania) probably do not really hate people but anti racists really, really hate racists.


  1. Given that you are blogging from Bucharest, I must ask whether the Iron Guard was in some fashion leftist, or whether murders they committed in 1941 were motivated by something other than hatred.

    1. Racists were certainly very murderous back in the Second World War in Romania and in most of Europe. It might well be so in Europe in the future. I don't come across hatred in Romania these days. Hatred is a terrible sin and a terribly misused word.

    2. “When it comes to anti-fascism in most of Western Europe, there would appear for now to be a supply-and-demand problem: the demand for fascists vastly outstrips the actual supply.”
      Douglas Murray, 'The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam'