Tuesday 3 October 2023

Change and decay in all around I see but Romania is a refuge


In the western world all the institutions have been wrecked since 1990. The churches, the universities, the armed forces, the legal profession, all professions, the civil services. 

The institution that has failed worst of all is the Catholic Church. 

Even if you are an atheist, as devout Jew David Goodman says, this matters because the Catholic Church is essential to European civilisation. 

After the Church, in a very crowded field indeed the institutions that have failed us most are the mainstream media. 

They are now very untrustworthy political actors who consider suppression of the truth necessary because they are trying to save democracies from the people.

Eastern Europe is horribly corrupt. The press and TV is awful here, the politicians too. A colleague told me yesterday that she felt Western Europe would be a better place for her son to grow up because of the corruption. 

I understand why she feels this. Most Romanian parents do. I told her that Romania was a much better place for him.

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