Sunday 1 October 2023

The Nord Stream attack was the most important event in the Ukrainian war, but journalists are sublimely incurious


I am shocked at how naïf I am. When I read the news articles blaming Russia for having attacked Nord Stream I did not dismiss them out of hand but half believed them. I don't think anyone thinks so now because the assertion is absurd. But instead it is forgotten.

Only two counties can be responsible - America or Ukraine. Fiona Hill thinks it is Ukraine. Seymour Hersh has a source in the US government who says it was the Americans. Vladimir Putin is sure it was them not the Ukrainians and though he tells whopping lies sometimes he also has an unpoliticianly habit of saying what he thinks.

But this is of enormous importance either way. The explosions were the most significant thing that happened so far in this awful war.

Either America destroyed the pipeline which was an attack on a faithful ally or Ukraine did while receiving money and materiel from Germany. The former is much more likely, I think. Either is outrageous and a huge, huge story, but journalists have a sublime lack of curiosity about it. They have no curiosity about most things that matter these days.



    1. It is either the Americans or the Ukrainians. But Germany does not appear to be angry about it. And is regularly criticised in the Anglophone press for not doing more to help Ukraine.

  2. Somebody commented at the time, that the US had defeated Germany for the third time in little more than a century. A friendly grouping of the EU and Russia would be a rival to the US.

    I also recall a diplomat saying in a interview that he had asked a German politician why they were all so afraid of the US. The answer? The CIA. Who knows what was implied, but they seemed to have the fear of God in them.