Tuesday 3 October 2023

This morning


The first church is the Bulgarian Church from an unusual viewpoint, the last the Colțea Church and the second, third and fourth pictures are of St George's New Church, which is, predictably, older than St George's Old Church. (I know I made that joke before.)

The part of Bucharest around the two St George's churches and behind is my favourite part of Bucharest. Radu Colomfirescu and Mantuleasa are my two favourite streets in the city. 

The little quarter is much more beautiful than the old town on the other side of the boulevard. It is a generation older than the rather pompous Little Paris, has many gypsies, many down at heel buildings and 19th century cobblestones not the ones the City Hall put down at great expense in the old town that are now very dangerous to walk on.

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