Saturday 29 October 2016

6 quotations


Interviewer: Could I ask you what failings in individuals, in others, you could most readily excuse?

Evelyn Waugh: Drunkenness.

Interviewer: Any others? Or are you so severe?

EW: (Slight pause) Anger. Lust. Dishonouring their father and mother. Coveting their neighbour's ox, ass, wife. Killing. I think there is almost nothing I can't excuse, except perhaps worshipping graven images. That seems idiotic.

I always accept that there are two points of view on anything: mine and one that is probably wrong. Richard Smith

Economic forecasting is such a consolation, confirming the imperishable wisdom of William Goldman - nobody knows anything. Bryan Appleyard

I ... began to hate what I was becoming in life—a British Establishment young hopeful. I decided instead to become a sort of anarchist. John Fowles

The whole nature of man presupposes woman, both physically and spiritually. His system is tuned into woman from the start, just as it is prepared for a quite definite world where there is water, light, air, salt, carbohydrates etc.. Carl Jung

INTERVIEWER Have you found any professional criticism of your work illuminating or helpful? Edmund Wilson, for example?

WAUGH Is he an American?


WAUGH I don't think what they have to say is of much interest, do you?

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