Sunday 23 October 2016

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The far right is almost non-existent. Political danger comes entirely from the far left and the entitled centre that's started copying the far left's tactics.

The privileged and protected people of the centre, those who get money directly and indirectly from an ever-expanding state and ever-increasing regulatory burden that requires tithe payments to accountants, solicitors and the rest of the rent-seeking classes, have started copying the tactics of the far left. This group includes employees of state education (and health) systems.

They've started aggressively adopting the no-platforming tactics of the far left. We saw it with Brexit and we're seeing it in the US election. They're using aggression, lies and abuse, as well as actual violence sometimes, to make it socially and professionally impossible to hold views that conflict with their own.

Peter Risdon

Whatever rights and wrongs of Brexit, noteworthy how passionate Remainers never cast any blame on the EU. They are the 'good guys'
Peter Totman

90% of British academics voted Remain.

Trump not accepting election result ‘very different’ to me not accepting EU referendum result, claims Remainer

In 1972 I was with a Tory Party study group to the USA looking at their election systems. We attended a small meeting of students, addressed by Edward Kennedy. He touched on 'The Troubles'. Afterwards I tackled him about his comments and said that he talked as if there were British tanks on the streets of Dublin. "There are" he said, without missing a beat.

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  1. How true. The values and courage I used to believe were left wing have been demolished there, turfed upside down in Orwellian style, and morality is now found outside the left, in fact, just about anywhere BUT on the 'left'. The rump left has become the nasty right, but how slowly it is being unmasked as such. Until then we suffer from fools calling us bigots, when it is ignorance and biggotry they are defending.
    Edward White