Friday 28 October 2016

Hard Brexit is a liberal solution

I think hard Brexit, low taxes and low regulations could be a success. And pure nineteenth century liberalism. Unsurprisingly the Liberal Democrats are passionately opposed.


  1. I think Hard Brexit would be disastrous for England for the same reasons, low taxes mean low state revenues feeding the defecit low regulation means reduced working conditions for the poorest in society and even more discontent. TM's first peer over your mythical Tariff wall has seen her scuttle back rather cowed to realize that it is no longer 1957 out in the world and Britain produces very little that the world wants or that the EU doesn't do better

    1. "It's being so cheerful as keeps me going" – Mona Lott

    2. Hahaha you're never short in the virtue of pointing out what you believe should be obvious why on earth should anyone else be? Next it will be ' Roll up your sleeves and we will make a silk purse from a hogs ear'. By the latest polls the 48% are now the 57, though I expect that actually has a little to do with Heinz and Unilever. Me Farage and Co only managed to kick the ball into the mob at this particular Eton wall game translating it into a goal will prove harder. I have no doubt some form of Brexit will be attempted but it will be a far cry from a Hard one .