Thursday 20 October 2016

Pluralists, fascists and exiles

In Manhattan, my little island off the continent, I see the children of the global business elite marry each other and settle in London or New York or Mumbai. They send their children to the same schools and are alert to all class markers. And those elites, of Mumbai and Manhattan, do not often identify with, or see a connection to or an obligation toward, the rough, struggling people who live at the bottom in their countries. In fact, they fear them, and often devise ways, when home, of not having their wealth and worldly success fully noticed. Peggy Noonan.  
This comes from an article in the Wall St Journal called How Global Elites Forsake Their Countrymen which, I feel sure, inspired Theresa May's Tory party conference speech where she said, 'If you are a citizen of the world you are a citizen of nowhere.' Citizen of the world is an oxymoron, of course.
It is however, a dangerous illusion to suppose that the more pluralistic a society is, the more liberal it will be. John Kekes
I'm not a fan of multiculturalism, you only have to look at America to see the result, terrible food, everyone wearing blue jeans, drinking coca cola and listening to rock and roll. Multiculturalism is the opposite of diversity. Bunny Sheffield
Seems like the only lesson liberals learned from evolution is that God doesn't exist. They ignore/deny all the other stuff. Creationists. Peter Totman
There are two types of fascists: fascists and anti-fascists. Liviu Angheluta
The question of the stranger in a society which estranges everybody from it--while forcing everybody to assimilate their own alienation--takes cover under dubious and sinister masks. Norman Manea
The happy and powerful do not go into exile. Alexis de Tocqueville
When one thinks of all the people who support or have supported Fascism, one stands amazed at their diversity. What a crew! George Orwell


  1. 'If you are a citizen of the world you are a citizen of nowhere.'

    I'd like to think Theresa May really believes this, and that she's not just another cynical opportunistic fake Tory. Maybe she really has seen the writing on the wall. Maybe.

    1. We shall see. I'd love to think so. I wish she was more libertarian, much less statist, much less PC, but globalists versus localists is the battle now.

    2. I now see that you have lots of blogs, not only the very good one on pop fiction - and you are the non PC Australian! I wish I were well organised enough to have one blog for politics, one for Romania.

  2. Open versus closed society and she is solidly the latter which is why Tusk slammed the door so firmly in her face last night with his comments over the Malta 27 meeting next spring

    1. You sound like 'The Economist'. Worse than that I cannot say. The UK will be open to the world when we escape from EU tariff wall and make our own laws and foreign policy. I wish we could be more independent of the USA too

  3. Please read this.

  4. How old is Bunny Sheffield? Younger people in the US have abandoned Coke --Coke is worried about the shift in consumer tastes. And rock and roll is something perceived as ironic/nostalgic. Wake up Bunny Van Winkle.