Saturday 29 October 2016

Seven reasons to raise a child in Romania,and one reason not to

Romania is a wonderful place in which to bring up children, as this article "Seven reasons to raise a child in Romania, and one reason not to" suggests. The author, Debbie Stowe, could have added that private tutors are very cheap and you can easily pay for 1 to 1 full time tuition (EUR 300 a month should cover it) plus pay for extra things like Greek. Children play in the street, start conversations with passing adults and grow up in a civilised 1950s country - that is worth more than rubies. They grow up without feminist and PC indoctrination. Most people take the existence of God for granted.

Debbie neglects to say that Romanian children are left at home alone at a young age. Pace Debbie, thankfully not too many are taken to restaurants, which is a scourge in other Latin countries. Many children are just handed over to grandmothers.
Her Brexit point wins a prize for absurd Bremoaning but journalism is ill paid and what's the point of writing if you can't air your own prejudices? Romanians are in fact only xenophiles with white foreigners but they treat non whites with kindness too. A British Bengali friend said he no-one looked at him with hostility unlike in London where everyone looked at him with hatred. 
He also said he liked Bucharest because it reminded him of Dhaka. But that was years ago before the kiosks were demolished.

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