Friday 16 November 2018

British crisis

Laughable that all these Labour MPs are saying should step down because of today’s resignations. MPs passed a vote of no confidence in by 172-40 and he didn’t go anywhere.

Time to go ‘Cold Turkey’! Whilst I support a deal it is now time to go to WTO rules & negotiate one from that position as most other countries do

If I had been a Brexiteer, low chance but still, I would never have triggered A50, and instead used UK veto and other internal measures to disrupt EU functioning until it conceded Brexit by treaty as an alternative to its gangplank. A50 was their great mistake.

There is nothing to fear from "no deal", ie trading under WTO rules. On the contrary, it is now clearly the option of choice.

The vote in 2016 was a vote to leave the EU. Not a vote to renegotiate a new deal with the EU. Not a vote to leave only if we could renegotiate a new deal with the EU. It was a vote to leave - period.

My wife's just switched the news off exclaiming "this is too complicated", and resumed writing her aeronautical engineering thesis on 'Improving the Performance of Thermoplastic Composite Structural Joints'.

Think my preferred option at this point is for the Army to take control and install Roger Scruton as dictator for life.

Dominic Raab quit after being blindsided by final Brexit deal & commitment that future relationship would 'build on' CU & Single Market. He asked in Cabinet 'who licensed this?' After meeting ended he went into side-room with Chief Whip and told him he was quitting.

Sabine Weyand in The Times clear: if agreed, the CU backstop will not be temporary but the minimum basis for our future trading relationship, with high alignment and 'EU control' - this means super-canada impossible. Cabinet must live up to its responsibilities & stop this deal

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