Sunday 25 November 2018

"Can 'voluntary colonialism' stop migration from Africa to Europe?" It's a great idea but the answer is no

An item from the BBC:
A controversial proposal by a German minister that foreign powers acquire land in Africa to curb migration has been rejected by the African Union, writes the BBC's Dickens Olewe.

The European Union, or a body like the World Bank, should build and run cities in Africa in order to boost job creation and development on the continent, Germany's Minister for Africa, Gunter Nooke, told the BBC in an interview in which he outlined his thinking on how to stem migration to Europe.

This is such an obviously good idea that it stands no chance of happening.

But in fact Africa is becoming richer fast - which is something that makes me very happy indeed - and rising living standards mean many more Africans seek to leave their continent -= something that should frighten everyone in Europe, or who wishes Europe well, very much indeed.

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