Saturday 17 November 2018

There will not be customs inspections at the Irish border in any event

A Dutch official explains what a number of customs experts have explained, that even in the unlikely case of the hardest possible Brexit there would be no need for customs inspections at the Irish border. Not even of the cursory kind that I underwent on the train to Northern Ireland from Dublin in 1982.

Unfortunately MPs and journalists do not listen which is how Michel Barnier was able to con the British negotiators.

There are already different VAT rates and excise duties in North and South.

(By the way, the Irish border which runs through fields and was formerly the haunt of numerous IRA terrorists was one of the most porous in the world from its creation in 1922 and always will be.)




    Well considering that Rotterdam is the largest single entry point for smuggled goods within the EU I think that statement should be taken with a pinch of salt