Saturday 3 November 2018


Over the past decades, atoll islands exhibited no widespread sign of physical destabilization in the face of sea-level rise. A reanalysis of available data, which cover 30 Pacific and Indian Ocean atolls including 709 islands, reveals that no atoll lost land area and that 88.6% of islands were either stable or increased in area, while only 11.4% contracted. 
"A global assessment of atoll island planform changes over the past decades", Professor Virginie Duvat of the University of La Rochelle-CNRS, France (published: 23 February 2018, revised: 29 August 2018).

The Devil was the first Whig.
Dr. Johnson

I can't imagine a man really enjoying a book and reading it only once. 
C.S. Lewis

What is he talking about? The NHS is the only health system in the EU that relies so heavily on foreign staff. Other EU countries train their own people. Isn’t it about time the NHS tried it?
We are witnessing one final, massive push by the anti-Brexit establishment, including civil servants at the highest level, to reverse the referendum result of 2016. They have almost limitless resources at their disposal

Go into your local bookshop today and buy one book you have heard about and one book you haven’t. Reading is the cheapest way to travel.

So much for the “new paradigm”. With the Church now mired in its most severe crisis since the Protestant Reformation, the heady talk of last spring now seems as distant as the “Catholic moment” or the “springtime of evangelization.” Rightly or wrongly, the idea of a gauzy mercy without justice or truth appears suspiciously self-serving for a Church that has so much to confess. And if indeed the Church is entering a “new ecclesial season,” as some progressive prelates are wont to say, it is most certainly a long, cold winter that is unlikely to pass within our lifetimes or even those of our children, assuming their faith survives the sins of their fathers.
Michael Hanby, A False Paradigm

Where the majesty of God’s holiness is absent from the liturgy of the Church, fear of the Lord cannot long survive among the people, be they clerical or lay.
Michael Hanby, A False Paradigm

Jonathan Meades said modern British church architecture embodies 'the idea of God, the awfully nice bloke.'

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