Friday 9 November 2018

Tweets today

My order of preference on Brexit outcomes: 1. Swiss-style partnership 2. EEA 3. Minimal trade deal 4. No deal 5. Staying in 6. Customs union and EU standards as non-members - the current proposal

Journalist to Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte: “You always said your heart beated for the Left, how can you ally with people like Salvini and Trump?” “The Left and Right dichotomies are ideologies that were created during the 20th century, I believe they have now been surpassed.”

The US Question: Can the GOP turn white Dem voters into GOP voters faster than the Dems can import new Dem voters?


  1. Missing you on Facebook. Good to see you're still active here.

    1. Thank you - please comment on my blog! And you can always share on Facebook a post that you like.