Tuesday 29 January 2019

Tweeting Brexit


May’s deal is Remain with no vote in E.U. institutions and no right of exit. Yes, it’s achievable. So what? Suicide is achievable but that’s no reason for doing it. A Remain outcome would allow a later Brexit and provide more than enough fuel for it.

To the BBC, explains that had Cameron not called a Brexit referendum, there was a "huge risk" that the Conservative Party would have been split. Although with hindsight, it's not completely clear that the referendum has left the party united.

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Very poor taste to invoke the Holocaust to promote the federalist, EU cause. Historically inaccurate, too. Fascism, like communism, was an international movement and was defeated by an alliance of independent, sovereign nation states.

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  1. Abolition of the EU in its present form. Reinstatement of the Catholic Monarchies across Europe.

    Sounds good to me.