Friday 25 January 2019

Man investigated for retweeting a poem about transgender people

My wonderfully feisty friend Joani Walsh has an important news story in the Telegraph today about a man investigated by the British police for retweeting on Twitter a poem (wrongly called a limerick) about sex-change people. The police found his place of work and the company directors informed him of the investigation. 

The policeman involved had been on a course about transgender shortly before. 

The poem is as follows:
You’re a man.
Your breasts are made of silicone
Your vagina goes nowhere
And we can tell the difference
Even when you are not there
Your hormones are synthetic
And lets just cross this bridge
What you have you stupid man
Is male privilege.

Joani told me it's hard to get stories about 'transgender' in the papers because they are frightened of being accused of bigotry.

Miss Dick, the woman who is in charge of the London Metropolitan Police, considered whether former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson (who said in a Telegraph article that he approves of women's right to wear a burqa) committed a crime when he said that they reminded him of letter boxes. She decided that he didn't.

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