Wednesday 4 May 2022

BBC is anything but neutral about abortion


Whatever your view on abortion, if you watched the coverage by the BBC of the leak from the US Supreme Court that suggests the court will rule that abortion is a federal matter you'll agree that is quite extraordinarily biassed. 

I just listened to a long uninterrupted five minute speech by a pro-abortion activist on the BBC World TV. Last night two pro abortion activist were given polite soft questions. 

A Republican congresswoman who opposes abortion was cross-examined rigorously, though she answered very well indeed.

What annoys me even more than the bias is that the BBC ignores the idea that courts should make judgements on the law not on what the law should be. 

You don't have to be an American lawyer to see that the men who wrote the US Constitution did not intend to legalise abortion and much less to make it a federal matter rather than one for states. 

This aspect engrosses the BBC man who seemed to think it absurd that abortion will be legal in some states and not in others and therefore easier for the comfortably off to obtain than for poor women, particularly he pointed out 'women of colour.

Every half hour a compilation is shown on BBC World of moments in the past culminating with a 5 second clip of the meeting of Pope John Paul II with an imam and then a man or woman with a sleek beard in a dress saying 'This is a great moment for love'. BBC changes this compilation every few days. Recently it included a clip of Hillary Clinton talking about women's rights. Peter Hitchens on Sunday made good points about what the BBC has become in recent years.

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