Sunday 8 May 2022

More thoughts on my last post, on Charles Moore and 3 former ambassadors


Lord Moore wants regime change in Moscow and so he hints does Sir Andrew Wood. So do I, but we should discard that idea and hope for a negotiated peace, but there will not be one until Russia makes big gains, which might happen soon or might not.

Regime change must wait until the Russians bring it about, or the old man dies. 

I have said for years in this blog that Putin is not a real threat to the UK or to the European Union countries, but he is now in a proxy war with America and the UK with the backing of the European Union.  

Does this make him a real threat to Europe, beyond Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova? 

I don't think so. Of course, he will not attack a NATO country - why on earth would he? - but I was wrong when I said he would not invade Ukraine. 

It certainly makes me hope for a durable peace as soon as possible, something Lord Moore does not want.

The big threats to the UK are not from Russia - while involving ourselves in Ukraine we have failed to get rid of the Northern Ireland protocol and now Sinn Fein are the largest party in Northern Ireland.

We should stop thinking of the USA and European Union as having the same interests as the UK.


  1. "I come from the future..."

    1. The West is creating a terrible economic disaster as it did with Covid and I am not convinced that Russia will suffer the most.

  2. 6 MAY, 14:57
    Russian public’s confidence in Putin soars to 81.5%

    1. That could be the real reason for the war. Putin had domestic problems and he needed to shift public opinion with something drastic. And the (general) Russian population is stupid and evil enough to fall for this.

    2. Hoping to aggravate TheSkunk.

  3. Regime change in Russia could bring on someone worse.

  4. Utterly fascinating how fast the narrative shifted from "It's Kremlin propaganda to call this a proxy war between the US and Russia" to "We're in a proxy war against Russia and we need to make sure we win."

    Caitlin Johnstone