Tuesday 10 May 2022

Ruskin said he was a Tory of the old school, the school of Homer and Sir Walter Scott, but I think Scott overrated

Facebook tells me that I posted this 10 May 2016.

I'm not a conservative in the Thatcher Reagan sense, though I have come to see their good points, and very much am not an admirer of George W Bush. I'm a conservative after the school of Homer, Shakespeare and Dr Johnson. I side with the Tories against the American rebels in 1776 and detest Lincoln for fighting an unjust and unnecessary war. Two modern politicians I like are Lord Salisbury and Charles de Gaulle. Enoch Powell was prescient about everything which is one reason I'd like England to leave the E.U.

I didn't actually think we WOULD leave the European Union though. Tom Gallagher told me it wouldn't happen. "Don't we have any chance?" "Well, there's always a chance."

I posted these in 2011. I remember doing so but it seems like last week.

Women kept the Tories in power every time they won an election and I was astonished to discover that suddenly women have swing leftwards and prefer Labour. This has huge implications for social history - plus women now prefer to be given telephones rather than jewellery - what does it all mean?

I realised only now that Romania's intense religiosity is not an Orthodox or Balkan thing. Serbia, Bulgaria and Russia are much less religious. About Greece I don't know. Quite unconsciously it is one of the reasons why Romania is so much more more attractive a country than her neighbours.

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