Thursday 19 May 2022

Taxi driver

I asked the taxi driver who drove me home last night what he thought about Ukraine. 

He said it was half the fault of Russia and half the fault of the Americans. 

My reply was that it was 100% the fault of Putin and 50% the fault of Biden.

Is my maths at fault?

My political analysis isn't far off.

He said it would never have happened had Trump still been in office and he is obviously right about that.


  1. I know of no other country in the world whose regime was born illegitimately in the blood of its own citizens in a false flag operation carried out by allied neofascist elements in order to spark a revolution and then covered up the massacre’s true origins, organizers, and perpetrators for eight years.

    I know of no other country in the world which has as its national heroes, figures such as Stepan Bandera and his organizations’ members (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and the Ukrainian Partisan Army), who murdered tens of thousands of Jews and Poles in World War II.

    I know of no other country in the world that tolerates, indeed supports openly self-avowed neofascist ideological groups with armed units in the country’s armed forces and autonomous armed volunteer battalions and vigilante groups tolerated and even supported by the state.

    I know of no other country in the world where neofascist groups can beat up officials, murder journalists, and raid courtrooms with impunity.

    I know of not other country in the world where the president awards medals to neofascist who openly acknowledge in Western media that they like killing Russians and routinely violate a ceasefire agreement.

    I know of not other country in the world where the president must go to neofascist training camps and convince them to allow the government to fulfill ceasefire and peace agreements.

    I know of no other country in the world where neofascists hold government and police posts and the advisor to the country’s commander of its armed forces is a neofascist.

    Links, video and more:
    The Influence of Neofascist and Other Nationalist Groups in Maidan Ukraine

  2. Ask the Taxi drivers in Kyiv who blame half on Putin for suffering from синдром мишачого пеніса, and half on Trump for withholding military aid at a time when Russia could have been warned off by strengthened borders and accelerated modernization of the armed forces. The war started under Trump, was ignored and in fact fanned a little by him, along with Syria by giving carte blanche to Putin. The fool thought he could make a deal with a madman


    2. Eurovision in Mariupol. You won Anonymous...

  3. russia is full of skinheads and right-wing gangs. if putn wants to hunt nazis he can begin at home.

  4. You might as well have used the man on the Clapham omnibus as your device to promulgate your Weltanschauung. The preposterous Trump is Putins puppet.

  5. The man no longer takes the Clapham omnibus after he was mugged.

  6. I hope you are not implying I invented the quotations. I am not Johan Hari. Preposterous back to you. Unlike you I give my name.

  7. As for Kiev cabbies they are unlikely to be dispassionate observers. Another Bucharest cab driver made similar points since I wrote this post.

  8. Sorry you said Trump was preposterous not me. He is preposterous but right on almost everything.