Wednesday 4 May 2022

Dambovita and the new cathedral



This evening at 7, after three chaste lemonades on a terrace in the warmth of a sunny May evening by the Dambovita.

The cathedral on the horizon is being built slowly and looks beautiful. A rebuke to multiculturalism, as it is paid for partly from public money and partly from popular subscriptions. 

Next to it the Bolshevik behemoth which is the largest building in Europe. I feared the cathedral would be garish and horrible like the new one in Belgrade, but it seems not.


  1. This cathedral doesn't matter if the numbers of religious people is dropping very fast even in Romania (especially, but not only, among the young).

  2. Andrew Tate, from Bucharest, talking to James Delingpole:

  3. “The first — and practically the only — condition of good style is having something to say.”

    “The problem is not that life is too short, it’s that we waste too much of it.”

    “You fast, but Satan does not eat. You labor fervently, but Satan never sleeps. The only dimension with which you can outperform Satan is by acquiring humility, For Satan has no humility.”
    St. Moses the Black

    1. Here's a fourth:

      "The most prosaic man becomes a poem when you stand by his grave at his funeral and think of him."
      Thomas Hardy, notebook entry for May 29, 1871

  4. Good to be reminded of the first. Maurice Cowling was an exception to the rule.