Sunday 15 May 2022

Col Richard Kemp: Russia will capture eastern Ukraine and the whole of the Ukrainian coast


Colonel Kemp thinks the British media mostly simply repeats Ukrainian propaganda and the Russians will probably take eastern Ukraine and the whole of the coast. Then France and Germany will force Ukraine to cut a deal.

"Oh let us never never doubt

What nobody is sure about."

The colonel hopes Putin will be removed and hopes 'we' are trying to ensure this happens. Have we learnt nothing from the last 22 years?

He is right when he says 'The US is Nato'.

He dislikes the Iran deal, worries about Iran getting the bomb, and thinks Iran in Syria is a danger to Israel. This makes me doubt his judgment.

I bet he'd like to overthrow the Syrian government too. I don't see that the West should care about Syria, which is a Russian satellite for more than 59 years and an ally of Iran. The Saudis are worse than Iran.


  1. In what way are the Saudis worse than Iran, cultural heritage notwithstanding? I'm asking this as a genuine question.

    1. I wrote hastily - I meant 'the West' should not get drawn into the conflict between the Saudi and Israeli informal alliance and Iran. I explained here.

    2. You should read this too.

    3. I read the article. Interesting read. Having lived in that part of the world, I can say the situation is more complex, and simply linking militant Sunni terror groups to the Saudis or the Gulf states is misleading. As much as ISIS and Al Qaeda dislike the Shia, they also dislike the Gulf monarchies, especially the Saudi one, which they see as illegitimate in terms of having guardianship of the two holy cities. The author is either poorly informed or intentionally conflating the two sides. While Iran hasn't been a direct threat to the West, they have harassed Westerners in Iraq, and more worrisome to me is their closeness to the Russians, during the Cold War and now. In a nutshell, the situation in that part of the world is so complex, it's impossible to designate allies and goes - most of the belligerents there fall somewhere on the spectrum for us, but none cam be considered "good guys" or unconditional allies.

  2. Any comment on Sweden and Finland now rushing to join NATO? Perhaps not what Mr Putin had in mind.