Monday 30 May 2022

Facebook likes to remind me each day of things I posted in previous years: here are a few from 2017

Thank God life is about literature and history not physics or chemistry. But biology is also life.

My taxi driver was a handsome man of forty with a young spirit and infectious love for life. He remembered having driven me before. He remembered that I seemed 'disconnected' and relaxed. He also said I had the air of a prime minister or politician, which is true, but added that we should rejoice that we were not politicians who are bought and sold. He and I were eagles. Of course he got a nice tip. He seemed a deep and original thinker. He then explained to me that the earth was flat and stationery. The moon landings were staged. The first flat earther I've knowingly met, though we know that more people in England think the moon landings were faked than think Labour will win the election. He told me to tell no-one about this except my girlfriend and I feel bad about posting this yet cant see what harm it can do.

An article by a French researcher in the left-wing Israeli paper Haaretz on May 24th 2017 said the question is not how Islam got radicalised but "how radicalism got Islamified." Unfortunately the article has been taken down.

Muslims know that the West means Christendom even if the West denies it.

British politicians, please don't say "We won't be divided" - we are now divided, into ethnic and confessional cantons. Thanks to you.

I am not a nationalist (I'm a Metternichian conservative) but I do think that the nation is the most important thing, as far as politics is concerned, and I assumed naively that everyone else did too. But they don't. Not just communists like Corbyn and McDonnell but lots and lots of people don't.

From 2016. Five or six immigrants to the UK have said similar things to me:

A British Pakistani Facebook friend just sent me this message. "hi, how's it going, Paul? Trying to avoid facebook debates these days. Just read the news - they're towing in african 'refugees' 5 miles off the coast of Libya hundreds of miles to Italy. The EU really is a nuthouse. This is an invasion and the EU is faciliting it!
My god, London is unrecognizable now
the lefties are playing a very dangerous game
My brother says he doesn't feel like he's in England anymore when he goes to London"

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