Monday 1 May 2023

The demonic threat to civilisation


Another lapse of judgement in my teens was not realising the American Democrats were a bigger threat to civilisation than the USSR, but to be fair to me it was not apparent then. In fact they were not very objectionable then, apart from their ghoulish approval of abortion and the support of  Irish-Americans like Edward Kennedy for the IRA, though these were big clues.

I am only joking. The Democrats were always much worse than I thought but were not a force for evil in the world till twenty years ago. I  wanted Gore to win in 2004 and Obama in 2008 for want of anyone better. 

Only since 2000 at the earliest, when they gave up on the working class to win the support of professionals and progressives, as the views of progressives, for reasons I don't understand, became perverse and bizarre, have the Democrats become the almost demonic force they are today. 

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