Sunday 7 May 2023

Watching the coronation again, something they couldn’t do in 1953

The coronation was beautiful but spoilt by using 1960s liturgy and the peers not wearing ermine or swearing homage. 

And the Welsh singer and the Gospel singers. Welby and his Grace of York very unimpressive and the Queen not regal. She cuts a very odd figure. The King is as ever uncomfortable in his skin. For the first time I miss Diana. 

And women priests, God help us. 

I suppose things have to change if they are to stay the same (Lampedusa).

On the other hand, it was genuinely religious because it remains, despite anti-Popery, an ancient Catholic ritual, which Low Church clerics like Welby can't spoil. The anointment behind the screen was moving. It signifies hierarchy in an egalitarian age which makes up for the trendy bits but makes the monarchy vulnerable. The music wonderful. Of course the Abbey should be Catholic, like the country. If it were Catholic though it would be much less dignified and much trendier.

The Prime Minister read the epistle beautifully but didn't believe a word of what he read. He's a Hindu. Penny Mordaunt carrying the Sword of State was everyone's darling but she is godless, woke and wants even further to curtail freedom of speech.

The British ruling class was very much more impressive in 1953 and believed in freedom of speech, but the country is in some ways a much better place, in others much worse.


  1. Trendier?- well it hasn’t ordained women priests . The gospel singers appearance was absolutely ridiculous- a knee taking to placate Woke Fashionability and the pack of lies about the UK that is multiculturalism. Why the disproportionate number of Afro-Caribbean performers , drawn from what 3% of the uk demographic? It seems that the Palace must have the same casting approach as tv ad agencies and their corporate clients, based on affirmative action and inclusion gospel.


  2. Yeah, that gospel choir needed a trigger warning. 'Warning --Black people acting like they belong here. May be disturbing to some.'

    "hat 3% of the uk demographic? "

    Charles is also King of Jamaica, Antigua, the Bahamas, the Solomon Islands, and a long list of other not-so-white places.