Saturday 6 May 2023

Coronation stream of consciousness


It's a classless, feminist multicultural coronation. How does Welby have such a classless voice? He went to Eton. I want belted earls and dukes in ermine.

The King says ahmen. I say aymen. But he is the King so is therefore right. Perhaps it's right for Protestants.

The Bishopess of London, a retired nurse who was apponted for diversity reasons and who approves of abortion, is reading the Gospel. The previous Gospel was read by a devout Hindu, the Prime Minister, which is fine but odd. Now an American Gospel  spiritual. With a sort of dance. Oh dear.

There was strong opposition in 1953 to televising the coronation.  This shows how things have changed.

Welby, in his flat voice, says the monarchy is service and Jesus is a servant. Isaiah speaks of God as servant. I know.

The Princess Royal Princess Anne is in trousers again, as at the Queen’s funeral. And again wearing a man's hat.

How unspiritual Protestantism is. It reminds me that the only genuinely religious emotion that the English ever feel is hatred of Catholicism. But the King is almost an Orthodox. They count as Catholic. 

The coronation ceremony is very Catholic but the participants are despite diversity mostly Protestant or Protestantish.

There is something to my mind perfunctory in the way the Prince of Wales helps his father robe. It does not feel religious. Can one know watching on TV? Perhaps the television cameras should not be there.

Of course the Anglican clergy have become pretty second rate thanks to the decline in religious belief. The Archbishop of York, a secondary schoolboy from Southend, is deeply unimpressive. Cardinal Nichols, of whom I am not necessarily a complete fan, stands out among the other clerics as the real thing.  

The King however is a religious man. A shame he is Woke. He means well. 

God save the King and may he live to a hundred in good health!

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