Monday 30 September 2019

Sky News is even more pro-Remain than the BBC

MP tells me that Johnson had an ‘angry meltdown’ in voting lobbies. Am told that @jessphillips personally challenged him as did others . MP tells me PM saw a group watching through the doors & then started jabbing his finger towards us all

Beth Rigby of Sky News's tweet about the Prime Minister losing his temper with a woman Labour MP Jess Phillips is wrong. Jess Phillips herself says it didn't happen, but Beth Rigby did not take down her tweet. 

Mrs Phillips tweeted, with touching lack of grammar:

I've read a few wild accounts of Boris Johnson and I in the lobby, can I just say I don't recall any shouting or aggression I asked him some questions, he failed to answer any of them properly, he went to vote the end.

It is Miss Rigby, who was meant to be questioning him on behalf of Sky, who told Boris he had brought shame on his party by his burqa remarks. (He said he was in favour of women being free to wear them but it made them look like letter boxes.) 
Boris retorted: 
“One reason the public feels alienated is because too often they feel we are muffling and veiling our language.”
She repeated her accusation in a tweet which she pinned to her Twitter feed.

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