Monday 9 September 2019

Robert Mugabe: A Nation Mourns

I read stories everywhere about Mugabe being a hero who went wrong. Peter Hain is one person purveying this false idea. 

Mugabe was nothing of the sort. He was a Communist butcher and terrorist who plundered his country as was always predictable.

Had he been a man of the right how differently the media would write about him, but many journalists who are now conservatives thought Mugabe a hero during the war with Ian Smith. There was no reason for them to have taken Smith's side but liking Mugabe, even in one's teens, shows abominable judgment.


  1. Yes, today is Monday, so it's "Crazed liberals shower cruel despots and transgender freaks with uncritical praise," chapter 99.

    I have seen no encomia to Mugabe. Most reporters are not old enough to remember his heyday, and agree he was a wrecker, fool and killer.

  2. This journalist admits to having been spellbound by a speech he gave
    during peace talks with Ian Smith.

  3. The narrative in many newspapers is that he was a good guy until Ian Smith's government was overthrown.