Sunday 29 September 2019

The Labour Party expects to lose 100 seats


"The attempt to abolish [Tom] Watson’s post last weekend is seen by insiders as the clearest indication yet that the party does not expect to win the forthcoming general election.

"The Sunday Times understands that internal union polling shows that the party is on course to lose more than 100 seats. The poll also suggests that up to a third of those who voted Labour at the last election could desert the party and support the Liberal Democrats. A further 10% are expected to switch to the Brexit Party, according to the data."
It looks like I was probably wrong and everyone else right when I wrote on Friday that Jeremy Corbyn's Brexit policy, i.e. making an acceptable deal with the EU and then holding a referendum on it, might enable him to hold onto his voters. But who can know?

The paper says that up to 100 Labour MPs, including members of the shadow cabinet, were prepared to leave the party with Tom Watson had he lost his job as deputy leader.

Tom Watson's chief claim to fame is giving credence to untrue and absurd allegations of paedophilia against elderly and dead public men, when he repeated them in the House under privilege. 

He is also notable for having lost a huge amount of weight by the expedient of putting butter in his coffee.

It looks as though the Labour Party will not be held captive by Trotskyites and Maoists indefinitely. 

But nowadays, very bad though Communists are, in some ways moderate socialists are as bad. David Miliband, the Blairite who was supposed to succeed Gordon Brown, has argued that refugee camps are outmoded and refugees should be housed direct in Europe. 

He was one of those who repeated wholly unsubstantiated stories about Syrian soldiers going from door to door killing civilians when Eastern Aleppo fell and one can well imagine Prime Minister David Miliband and President Hillary going to war to topple the Assads. 

Tony Blair did more to destroy conservative Britain than any earlier Labour politician.

What is clear is that a Labour government is the worst misfortune that can befall Great Britain. The second worst is a Social Democrat government calling itself Tory, like Mrs. May's. 

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  1. Seen on Twitter:

    David Milliband has had a salary increase of £200000. In two years his charity International Rescue System receives British tax payers money aid budget £14 billion