Sunday 29 September 2019

The Queen is not at all amused

A No 10 Downing St has told the Sunday Times that prime minister telephoned the Queen "as quickly as possible to say how sorry he was” after the astonishing decision of the Supreme Court. However the H.M. the Queen, according to sources, is angry. 

Neither Boris nor David Cameron is ever going to be made a Knight of the Garter, an honour in the Sovereign's gift.

The paper said a royal source confirmed that the Queen’s senior advisers are “fed up”. That means Her Majesty is fed up, for readers innocent of journalistic conventions. The source said, “It’s difficult to tell which of them they are crosser with, Cameron or Boris”.

According to the same or another source, Sir John Major, who is a Knight of the Garter and joined the action and gave evidence against the prorogation, would not have done so without the tacit approval of the Queen’s advisers. That sounds like it means the tacit approval of the Queen, but the Times goes on to add confusingly that there is no suggestion that Sir John sought approval from the palace before joining the case.

The prime minister told the cabinet on Thursday that it had been a “mistake” to dismiss warnings that his language could lead to attacks on MPs as “humbug”, another apology in 
private that he has not made in public. The Sunday Telegraph has an interview with him today and says he is unapologetic about the remark. He says (rightly) that the 'debate', meaning the 112 questions put to him following the recall of Parliament, was "totally pointless".

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