Saturday 28 September 2019

Veray parfit gentil knights

In my callow youth I disliked the Thatcherite 'dry' Tory MPs and also the Powellites and the apologists for apartheid. Instead I liked the 'wets', but I always loved reactionary Tory knights of the shire. 

They seem almost an extinct species but Tory MP Sir Desmond Swayne might be one. He defended my least favourite politician in the world, Justin Trudeau, for 'blacking up', saying he had dressed up as James Brown and that he would do it more often were it not for the difficulty in removing the make-up.

I also love the Attorney General Geoffrey Cox and his great speech on Wednesday attacking the Dead Parliament. He sounds like just the sort of Tory MP I wanted to be when I was a schoolboy.

How annoying that he does not have the knighthood Attorneys-General were always given automatically. David Cameron ended this tradition when he did not knight Dominic Grieve, another of my least favourite politicians, but perfectly fit by bearing and social class to be a knight. Boris should revive this tradition and many others.

Replacing the Supreme Court with the Law Lords and putting them back in their corridor in the House of Lords must wait until Boris wins a majority, if he does.

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