Monday 9 September 2019

The Week in Westminster

I was delighted to discover that The Week in Westminster is still running on BBC Radio Four. Apparently it is the fifth longest-running radio broadcast on British radio, after the Daily Service (which began on 2 January 1928) but is the world's longest-running radio show. It started on 6 November 1929 four months after Ramsay Macdonald had become Prime Minister for the second time and shortly after young women (flappers) had been given the vote.

Saturday's edition was absolutely brilliant, without any pro Remain or pro Leave bias, and much better than anything else I read, heard or saw on the British political crisis. I rarely listen to the radio, or wireless as they called it in 1929, but I shall make a point of doing so. 

I wonder if it was as good about Mr. Macdonald.

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