Tuesday 3 September 2019

Churchill was facing deselection in 1939

Sir Nicholas Soames tells me he will vote against the Govt tonight, unless the PM (who he’s going to see now) can assure him a Brexit deal will be done. Boris therefore faces the uncomfortable prospect of deselecting Winston Churchill’s grandson.

Winston Churchill was facing deselection by his local constituency association in 1939, which is why after that Tory constituency parties very rarely deselected any candidate.


  1. The grandson of WS Churchill?
    The son wasn't much kop:
    Why should anyone care about a grandson? He is just trading on the reputation of the grandfather.
    WS was not lacking in ruth, neither should Boris.

    1. This is the son of Christopher Soames last Governor of Rhodesia who married Churchill's daughter. Of the son you mention, Evelyn Waugh said that medical science had located the one non-malignant part of Randolph Churchill and removed it.