Tuesday 24 July 2018

Anna Sándor de Kénos, friend of Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor, has died


'With the death of Anna Sándor de Kénos, the last living link to the Transylvania and Hungary of Patrick Leigh Fermor’s Between the Woods and the Water has gone.'

Here is the Daily Telegraph obituary.


  1. Speaking of untimely deaths, Pete North on the sad death of Brendan O’Neill.


    1. You alarmed me and made me think he had died. I am delighted that he is still with us. For a Trotskyite or former one he talks a lot of sense.

  2. I gave 'A Time of Gifts' to my good friend Madalane for her 70th Birthday with some trepidation. She was very well read. She said..'how wonderful, why have I never heard of this man?'
    She then quickly read everything she could find by him, and, I think, fell in love.
    Soon she had booked a cruise 'in Paddy's footsteps', and asked me to go with her.
    Tragically she died soon after returning from New Zealand where she was following the English cricket team, and never made the trip.
    I miss her still. She was the first female winner of University Challenge in 1963. A triumph for a provincial University. Do you know which? Without googleing.

  3. Leicester, because I read this article when it came it and it reminded me of Paul W