Monday 9 July 2018

I bet Mr Trump will stir Theresa May's pot

Mr Trump is coming to the UK on Friday 13 July. I so hope he stirs the Brexit pot and trolls Theresa May, offering us a free trade deal if they scrap her plan. I bet he does. Those two can't stand one another.

She deserves it, after the way she reprimanded him for retweeting three video clips of violent Muslims, that came from a tiny right-wing party called Britain First. Nothing was said about the alarming contents of the clips themselves and no-one disputed the things portrayed in them happened. But as ever the story suddenly was about Islamophobia.

I almost (but not quite) feel sorry for Mrs May who, after learning of her Foreign Secretary's resignation, on top of Mr. Davis's at midnight, and then defending her policy in the House all afternoon, goes off to meet the new Austrian Prime Minister.

In the House, the cameras kept panning to Liam Fox, who looked unhappy throughout and did not nod as the Prime Minister spoke. Will he resign next?


  1. Actually everyone questioned the veracity of the contents.

    You just perpetuate the islamophobia by pretending they didn't


    1. The point is that Theresa May was very discourteous to the president and very annoying. He wouldn't be human if she didn't get on his nerves.

      I used to enjoy the Independent but it cannot be trusted on immigration or Muslim related news, alas. I read much about this at the time - the things shown in the clips were largely ignored. One of the three clips showed violent attacks that the Dutch Government said were committed by people born in Holland. I am not sure that this was as conclusive a riposte as the Independent thought.

      Breitbart is more reliable on these issues than the Independent.

  2. Trump will troll Ms May, but will not offer the U.K. anything.