Saturday 21 July 2018

Chaplain dismissed for Benediction to atone for gay pride event

Father Mark Morris, Catholic chaplain at Glasgow Caledonian University, formerly Glasgow Poly, has been relieved from his duties by the University after he announced in his parish newsletter that he would pray the Rosary and hold Benediction at his parish church (unconnected with his role at the university) in reparation for what the newsletter called
 “the gross offence to God that is Pride Glasgow.”
He did this in response to a request from a parishioner.

The University Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Pamela Gillies, who is co-author of You, Me and HIV: Making Sense of Safer Sex for Those with Learning Difficultiesissued this statement:

"Following due consultation, Father Mark Morris will not return to his chaplaincy role at the university in September.
"The university will work with the Archdiocese of Glasgow to ensure the continued provision of chaplaincy support for staff and students at our faith and belief centre when the new term starts.
"The university is strongly inclusive and committed to supporting equality and diversity on campus."

Neil Barber, Communications Officer for the Edinburgh Secular Society, which does not answer questions about how many members it has, said in a letter to the Herald newspaper published on July 19 that 

"distasteful private religious views are one thing, but it is quite another for this individual to continue to be chaplain at a Scottish university." reports that Father Paul Morton, parish priest at St. Bride’s Roman Catholic Church in Motherwell, wrote an “open letter” to Father Morris on the “St. Bride’s RC” Facebook page, in which he said
“You will know by now that your invitation and this initiative has deeply hurt both many of our own Catholic people who identify as LGBT and many others too. I presume in doing this that you have come to a negative judgement about Pride and perhaps also members of the LGBT community. You should know that not everyone shares your views either about this event or about LGBT people. Many have especially come to see Pride as an event that is both a culturally liberating and joyous moment in the lives of people who identify in this way.”
Father Morton later took down this post after criticism in comments.

The Glasgow Archdiocese issued a curt statement saying  

"The Archdiocese is aware of the University's decision and will address the provision of chaplaincy support in due course."
The Archdiocese did not say any more.

The Catholic 'penny catechism', which sells nowadays in churches for 
£2.50, says that the sin of Sodom is one of the four sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance.


  1. The RC church should have a little backbone and refuse to be associated with the university. It could perfectly well minister to students outside any “chaplaincy” arrangement. But it won’t, the present fruitcake pope and his fellow travellers will make sure a sodomy-loving replacement is found. And one doesn’t see much of a future for Father Morris.

  2. Mainstream Christianity has long since passed the point of mere uselessness. It's now actively evil. Sadly, that even includes the Catholic Church.

  3. Mary Wakefield: "Why dismiss a Catholic priest for being Catholic?"

  4. The Catholic Church should move with the times.

    1. But it has an eternal message of Truth, which never changes - unlike 'fashions' - so it cannot 'move with the times'.

  5. the fact that this nitwit can actually say or write this in all seriousness speaks volumes to the intellectual poverty of the modern university. "The university is strongly inclusive and committed to supporting equality and diversity on campus."

    Diversity for everyone except for orthodox Christians is what she should say if there was a speck of honesty in anything they do. The fact that is was not even part of his duties at the "university" makes it even more laughable. The Church should in no way send a replacement but encourage it's Catholic students to attend Mass & not bother with official university chaplins