Monday 16 July 2018

Roy Greenslade hypocrisy

Annoying left-wing journalist Roy Greenslade has long one of my bêtes noires, but I did not know until now that he was sympathetic to the political arm of the murderous I.R.A

Ruth Dudley Edwards comments on Roy Greenslade's article in today's Guardian:
So Roy Greenslade, one-time writer for An Phoblacht [Sinn Fein's official magazine] (under a pseudonym) and longtime friend of such IRA luminaries as Pat Doherty and John Downey - the alleged Hyde Park bomber - is worried for democracy because of Donald Trump. He ends his column quoting the worries about post-Brexit human rights expressed by Martina Anderson MEP, who served time for being an IRA bomber and is proud of ex-colleagues who murdered in the name of Irish unity. I notice he appears to have stopped disclosing his An Phoblacht connections which he did only because of protests to his new editor.

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