Wednesday 18 July 2018

Europeans are not the men their grandfathers were


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  1. But what would British men be fighting for? Mass brown immigration? man-on-man anal sex being taught to 6-year-olds? transgender toilets? No-fault divorce? Certainly, no one can at this point claim that Britain stands for freedom. I can't think of anything that would motivate the average Briton to resist an armed invasion. All the identifying elements of British society today would only appeal to someone left-wing or a member of a minority group.

  2. It's possible that Europeans believe that if they're called on to fight a war it won't actually be a war to defend their country. It will be a war to advance Washington's foreign policies, or even worse it will be a war to advance Israel's interests. Perhaps Europeans have figured out that a NATO war would not be in their best interests.

    In some ways it's a pity that our forebears were so keen to march off to fight the senseless wars that tore the heart out of western civilisation.