Tuesday 24 July 2018

Why care if the British government doesn’t mind ISIS murderers being executed?


Why do the BBC and the papers care that the British government doesn’t mind if British ISIS murderers are executed in the USA? I thought we had a Tory government, at least theoretically. 

I have never even been in favour of hanging, but why on earth should we stop the Americans executing people? It's one of their old-fashioned customs, like using Fahrenheit and going to church.

I believe in human rights strongly, if human rights mean freedom (they don’t). I therefore
see lots of reasons why laws making it an offence for British citizens to fight in wars abroad are wrong, though I suppress my many scruples. They would have criminalised George Orwell, who fought for the Reds in the Spanish Civil War as well as many British communists like Jack Jones, a KGB agent who became the most powerful trade union leader (arguably the most powerful man) in 1970s Britain. By the way, the atrocities committed in the Red Terror were as bad as those committed by ISIS.

And yes, the White Terror, a response to the Red Terror, was even bloodier, for the reason that the Whites defeated the Reds and could take their revenge in the Spanish way at leisure.

I don't see why human rights laws should prevent democratic governments enacting capital punishment, if their voters want it (in Britain most do) but Labour and the BBC are very upset that jihadis who beheaded prisoners might be electrocuted. 

The BBC is very unhappy in general these days. Brexit is more than the BBC can bear.

If the Democrats objected to executing jihadis it would win millions of votes for Donald Trump. Will Labour's views lose them votes? 

I have no idea really, but a sinking feeling that they won't.

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