Monday 28 February 2022

Hitler analogies for once are not misleading but inescapable - but they cut two ways

I  am horrified by and utterly condemn what Vladimir Putin and the  Russians are doing. I utterly condemn Hitler's invasions of other countries too, of course. I say absolutely nothing to defend either man, but the fact remains that Poland presumably would have been very much better off had she accepted the good deal offered by Hitler in late 1938. I wrote about this here recently. Similarly Ukraine should have made an agreement with Putin last year to implement the Minsk II Accord.

It is the fault of Anthony Blinken that Ukraine was persuaded not to do so. The USA sweet-talked Ukraine into defying Putin and then leaves the country to her fate.

Henry Kissinger said well when he said "I pity America's enemies, but I pity her friends more". 

Although I imagine that the Americans are surreptitiously helping Ukraine now. 

Had American troops flown into Kiev a week ago (something I would probably have opposed) what would that have achieved?

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