Monday 21 February 2022

"We want me to remind you that Russia has never attacked anyone throughout her history"

"We want to remind you that Russia has never attacked anyone throughout her history." 
So Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin spokesman, said recently. 

In fact Russia attacked Turkey and Persia and partitioned Poland. (Admittedly, as the great Lord Salisbury pointed out, before Poland was partitioned in the 18th century Russia was partitioned by Poland and Sweden in the 17th.) 

More recently, Russia invaded the Baltic States, including Finland, and half of Poland in alliance with Hitler, Bessarabia (now Moldova) without Hitler's agreement and later Hungary and Czechoslovakia. 

She conquered them all except for plucky little Finland. 

Russia occupied Afghanistan at the invitation of a government it replaced the same day, so a school friend told me at the time. In fact, Russia was not invited and shot the Communist head of state within a day or two of the invasion.

Interestingly, Andropov, Gromyko and Ustinov, supposedly the cleverest men in the Politburo, persuaded the senile, indecisive Brezhnev to make this mistake.

On the other hand, Russia has been attacked by foes from Charles XII to Napoleon, Hitler and (in Vladimir Putin's view) George W Bush. 

The Russian spy turned historian 'Suvarov' argued that Stalin would have attacked Hitler had the latter not got his retaliation in first. 

Two recent books by historians also argue that Stalin intended to attack Germany.


  1. He's referring to the Russian Federation (formerly the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic): born in December 1991.

    1. He's not the brightest bulb in the building.

    2. On the other hand...

      1990–1991 Persian Gulf War
      1999 Bombing of Yugoslavia
      2001–2021 Invasion of Afghanistan
      2003–2011 Invasion of Iraq
      2004–2021 War in Northwest Pakistan
      2007–present Somalia and Northeastern Kenya
      2009–2016 Operation Ocean Shield (Indian Ocean)
      2011 Intervention in Libya
      2011–2017 Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda
      2014–2017 U.S.-led Intervention in Iraq
      2014–present U.S.-led intervention in Syria
      2015–present Yemeni Civil War
      2015–present U.S. intervention in Libya

    3. The Russian Federation attacked Georgia. And it took over Crimea from Ukraine (although semantically, it didn't attack).

    4. How stupid of me to forget the invasion of Ukraine in May 2004, although it was covert.

    5. 'The Russian Federation attacked Georgia'

      Are you sure?

      Georgia started war with Russia: EU-backed report

      BRUSSELS (Reuters) - An independent report blamed Georgia on Wednesday for starting last year’s five-day war with Russia...

    6. 'the invasion of Ukraine in May 2004'

      In what movie was that?

  2. I find it easy to accept that he prefers this honour that he is stating...

    Besides, Donetsk invites him - at least on Twitter, as official as it gets, unless their representatives were today in the Duma & I am missing their mention.

    What else comes to mind: that Ukraine had a fair intent to put separatism up to a referendum; at the time, RU preferred to not welcome outright separation...

    I have no strict preference in the matter. What seems likeliest to me this evening is Russia's formerly stated goal to establish in Ukraine the kind of political limbo as in Moldova on account of its Transnistria appendix.


    I am thinking of recent news as reference & no more.

  3. Ctd.

    This piece of news seems worth adding to what I've just written:

    Laughing out loud!

    (back to work)

  4. Insomnia...

  5. Mark Griffith:

    Finland in 1939?

    Japan in 1945 (August 8th, two days after August 6th's Hiroshima bombing, showing the wonderfully opportunistic cowardice so typical of leftists in only attacking and invading Japan once it was clear the war was days from the end and Japan had no chance of winning)?